Thursday, 13 September 2012

Building Firefox - Part 2

I've just finished compiling the Mozilla nightly build. Here is what I did.


I had to make a git account which was easy. Then I followed the instruction to install Git on Fedora. With my new account I forked Mozilla's Git repository. The next step was to clone it on my computer. First I fallowed Git's instructions and used the HTTPS protocol. This was going to take a long time as there where over 3 million items. I found out that you could take a shallow clone consisting of around 65,000 items using "--depth=1", but with further reading I found that I needed to have all the historical information (the whole thing) in order to use it properly.

Well after a while may shaking internet connection disconnected and I was forced to start from the beginning again. Fortunately I found out that I could clone it much faster using the git protocol thanks to the Git book. This time the download was much faster and I managed to get the whole thing. Now to actually build it.


After I updated Fedora with all the necessary tools, I was actually able to start compiling it. I ran make and it was successful in the first try, and it only took about 15 minutes.

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