Wednesday, 12 September 2012

First Post

So I have to start a blog. Interestingly enough Chrome's spell checker doesn't think "blog" is a word. Anyway, I figure my first post should be some sort of introduction.


First I'll introduce myself. I am currently a student at Seneca College and I'm in my final year of the Software Development Degree program. And the reason this blog exists is because one of the courses I am taking is the Topics in Open Source Development (DPS909) course; which is a professional option in my program. I am required to take several professional options to complete my program.

So this is a blog and I'm supposed to write stuff. If I find it interesting I might post about other things I'm interested in, although I don't want to speculate what those things are until I become interested enough to write about them. Obviously I'm going to blog about my open source work. In addition I may as well write about the other professional option I'm taking this semester. Introduction to Parallel Programming (DPS915) is mainly about programming GPUs.  In the course we are working with CUDA, which is the language for programming Nvidia's products.

Now since the purpose of this blog is to write about the steps and work I do I suppose I should start with the initial state of things.  I'll skip the part about making this blog since the only comment I can make is that I choose Blogger because I prefer Google products and use Google products extensively.

My Computer

Well the initial state of things really is just my hardware and software. I'll just make a list.






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