Sunday, 25 November 2012

Mozilla Developer Network Documentation

I've added a page on WebVTT to the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN). I've also added more information to the track page. Basically I transferred by blog posts on the syntax to MDN.  It can also be reached by going to the HTML5 portal on MDN. I've added a section for track and WebVTT to the multimedia section.

IMPORTANT: From now on please refer to the MDN documentationI will no longer update my previous posts on the subject.

I have added a section on on WebVTT comments. Don't worry about the parser. The parsing of cues discards cues with out the --> string. Notes are treated as cues but because they do no have the string --> they are discarded. Thus no additional work needs to be done to implement then, although the validation program may need to be altered.

In addition I've fixed a number of problems with my original post, mainly grammar and clarity.

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